Translation - Mamo blog 28th August 2014

Title: Wandering LA streets

Today also, let’s go!

Los Angeles streets wandering story(*^_^*)(XD)

The first to introduce is,

"Third Street Promenade"

It is a promenade located at the center of Santa Monica,

Here, there are stylish restaurants, and cinemas, popular shops,

And more, there is also the newest shopping mall♪

It is also a mecca of street performers, is a very very fun place!!

There was a lady who has a veery beautiful singing voice♪

On this “Third Street Promenade”, the looking-cool photos firstly posted on the blog, were taken there(XD)

Having Kihara san, holding the camera,

Let’s take ‘feel like LA’ photos! I said(XD)

Like this(XD)

Like this(XD)

What do you think? Feel like LA?and so on(XD)

It’s good, feel like LA! Saying such comment(XD)

Then, the next,

A shopping mall surrounded by high-class residential area like Beverly Hills etc.,

"Westfield Century City" we have moved to,

All of us had lunch together☆

"The Counter"

A hamburger shop, we went to(^_^)v

It was very very volumey!


Mamo chan surprised?(゚Д゚)(XD)


Stirringly bit into it!!(XD)

It was veeeeery delicious,

Perfectly finished eating it☆\(^o^)/☆

Now now,

Today stops at here♪


Los Angeles streets wandering story,

Will still continue…(XD)


Translation - Mamo blog 29th August 2014

Title: Hollywood



Hollywood debut!!!!!(>_<)☆☆☆


Though I went there just for sightseeing(XD)


But out of expectation, there is a day I can go to “Hollywood”…

Very very touchedd~~~!!!(;_;)☆

This is, a street called “Hollywood Boulevard”☆

Already~~~Intense smell of entertainment♪

Too wonderful!!!

In Hollywood,

"Hard Rock Cafe"

Though I didn’t enter it,

Cool~~~☆There was such atmosphere~~~☆

And I was here!!!

"Chinese Theatre"!!!!!!!

In the front yard of the theatre,

There are hand prints, footprints, signatures of many well-known stars, this is very famous, right?☆

Fiercely took photo of hand prints of Harry Potter members☆

Since there was at least, some relation with it(XD)





Was able to meet………

Michael Jackson~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!(;_;)☆☆☆☆☆☆


Really touchedd~~~~~~~~!!!!!!(;_;)☆☆☆☆☆☆

Finally, King of Pop, I came to meet him………(;_;)☆☆☆☆☆☆

Tears fell……


A very strong,

Feeling of power received………。。。



Will work harddd!!!!!!!!!!!!


「超!Mobile A&G presents OLDCODEXの生放送!」お聴きいただきありがとうございました!



人気舞台 「K」 PROJECT STAGEPLAY Genepro Report



KENN tweeted that he and Yuki Kaji were given the opening single, “Sekai ha Koi ni Ochiteiru” from Ao Haru Ride, as a present. It looks like the one with limited edition packaging featuring Futaba and Kou!

Just before, while recording the anime Ao Haru Ride on location, I received the CD!
I took a photo with Kaji-kun, Kou’s voice actor.

The single will go on sale on August 6. If you buy it immediately upon release, you’ll receive two tin badges. (They’re possibly the “CHiCO with HoneyWorks” badges that Futaba is wearing on the Ao Haru Ride edition cover.)

You can purchase them at the following websites:


It’s a relief that an image says more than a thousand words, because I couldn’t summarize in a better way, my favorite j-rock bands.